This row: versions of my banner
Bellow: My very own personal flag, not all the way heraldic, I'll grant you that, but still very dear to me, as this was my initial gateway into heraldry. 
To the left and above, banner of Dorchol, Belgrade
Above: monochromatic version of Dorchol's banner, much to the liking of the football fans of  the FC "Partizan".

Banner of Sasha Kranjchevich

Above: Banner of Nenad Jovanovich

To the left: Famous Serbian breeders of Great Danes, the kennels of the Adamovich family

To the right:

Banner of Leonid Kampe

The two version of mine of the Serbian Empire of old, to the left and right. Sic transit gloria mundi...

The historic sources are very scant on the subject and it has been believed up to recent times that the metal in question was Argent, not Or.

Flying heraldry is one of the most striking visible aspects of this noble art. The sight of banners flying high stirs the heart far beyond the scope of the conscious mind. Heraldic banners are basically flags but showing the shield content of Armigerís CoA in a rectangular or square shape (latter more often). Rarer are the heraldic badge banners. There are also heraldic standards, pennons, gonfalons, guidons, pinsels etc.

Everybody can have a heraldically proper banner if he or she possesses a coat of arms. What a wonderful way to basically have your own flag! Sometimes it is even possible to have a slightly different personal flag, but you should listen to the professional advice there, lest you end up with something ridiculous.

In the section with photographs you can see some of the banners and flags I worked on proudly being exhibited.


To the right: quartered Mackie-Treen banner


Flying Heraldry
no larger pictures available here

Banner of Sinisha Tomich

Above: proposal of CROM for the flag of the town of Valjevo.

Bellow: click for a larger image