Female renderings of Coat of Arms traditionally take certain forms, for example a lozenge shape, oval one, oval one with spikes, circular one, like an elongated tear, etc. Historically speaking female Arms were purely a variation on male Arms, same charges, different shield shape, if certain inheritance criteria have been met. The more important a woman was, the more chances there were of turning a blind eye to this rule. I am prepared to make female renderings in traditional styles but also in a shape that is no different to a male one, just without the helmet and mantle. Also I am more than willing to make exclusively personal female Arms, with no ties to lineage, should the potential armigerESS wish it. People are all equal, in theory. And in theory, practice and theory are the same.

Still, the standard practice is to make one family Coat of Arms, further differentiated for females in shape and some cartouches or embellishments, as well as certain cadency marks (a relatively novel practice in some countries, Canada, for example). In a nutshell, equality is the name of the game.

If you already have a coat of arms, why not surprise a better half with her own version? It's not the diamonds that are forever, Arms are forever! I wonder if all agree on this...


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Female Renderings
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