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Full Heraldic Achievement
BLAZON: Argent on a Fess engrailed Gules between three Popinjays proper gorged Gules three Bezants.

HERALDISTS: Geoffrey Kingman-Sugars and Lee Lumbley

REGISTRATIONS: Burkes Peerage and Gentry International Registry of Arms and the United States Heraldic Society


Genealogical sources in Provo, Utah corroborate an ancestral relationship to Henry Lumley, younger brother of Richard Lumley, later 1st Earl of Scarborough, but no original documents have been identified to date. As Henry and his first wife Elizabeth appeared in a family bible dating circa 1800, Henry’s family history has been a subject of study in this armiger's family for generations. To create proper armorial bearings with current genealogical evidence according to the law of arms, the shield is differenced by, first, "a Fess engrailed" referencing the crossing of the Atlantic by the armiger's ancestors, and second, "three Bezants" referencing the establishment of the armiger's ancestors in Virginia during the reign William III, of Orange, and Mary II. Several Lumley families use Popinjays or Parrots in their arms and the tradition has been carried on in this instance as well.

All works completed between March and May 2010.

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