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The Adamovich Kennels, Panchevo, Serbia, is specialized in Great Danes. The shield blazon is that of the armiger, Zoran Adamovic (Adamovich). Plain and simple and to the point.

The crest has a double symbolism: "a lion rampant Or, holding in its dexter paw a scimitar (or sable) Argent hilted Or (sometimes not specified, as is the case with current arms of the province of Vojvodina where it is completely golden, a fine example of yet another erroneous conduct of the local authorities) and in its sinister paw a (severed) Turkish head erased proper" is a charge (unofficial, lamentably) for the region of Banat in Serbia, but it is also a canting part of arms, here a demi-lion, as the kennels are situated in the part of the town of Panchevo which is called "Turkish head". Somewhat gory but effective, I should think, and it was armiger's explicit desire. When speaking of Turkish heads, it is a very common charge in the regional heraldries, a reminiscence of the fierce battles of the past... love it or hate it, but it's heraldry; I'm all for PC talk, mind you.

The crown of alternating tulip flowers and oak leaves is also a canting part of arms, as the word for tulip in Serbian is one rather twee "lala",  which also signifies a Serbian dweller of the province of Banat. We're fiercely proud of that, as I'm a Lala, too. Oak tree is often associated with Serbs as well.

Supporters are rather, how should I put it, well endowed. Believe it or not, as it is the case with heraldry in Terry Pratchett's books, a live animal was a model for this and it was no small feat to get it to stand just right. Unlike in the College of Heraldry of the said author, this animal wasn't too pleased about it.

The site, for which I was commissioned to do some drawings, can be accessed at: