Kimon Andreou's Heraldic Badge

Kimon Andreou is an American armiger of Greek and Spanish descent. He is a member of the American Heraldry Society, the Heraldry Society of England, the Heraldry Society of Scotland, the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, the Heraldic & Genealogical Society of Greece, the Hispanic
Genealogical Society (Hispagen) and an associate of the CROM-BHGS.

Kimon Andreou's main genealogical focus is on Chilean genealogy and maintains a blog on heraldic and genealogical matters at

After some debate in the heraldic public about this image, perhaps it would be beneficiary to explain that this "owlatrice", as I have dubbed the creature, is actually a cross between an "Athenian owl" and a dragon. The owl is based on the Athenian Owl or the owl of the goddess Athena the Armiger uses on his arms (see here). It comes from the tetradrachm from the 5th century BC seen below.

The actual blazon of the image (blazon by Nenad Jovanovich) is: An Athenian Owl queued and winged of a dragon Azure displayed, all within a circlet of oak leaves Or.

The Armiger wished to combine the strength and wisdom and it was my task to combine the very distinct looking Athenian owl with dragon's parts into an image adequate for a heraldic badge, and yet to keep the slightly alarming, to our eyes almost sinister, look of the ancient owl (lack of eyes is something profoundly physically disturbing). Surely, the Athenian owl takes precedence over any heraldry or heraldic style, being at least 15oo years older! The noble seniority of this image seemed to me to be able to go well hand in hand with the dominant heraldic badges' styles of today. There are subtle differences in style between heraldic arms and badges.

As to the question of what is the limit of creating such heraldic hybrid creatures - as long as it works for the armiger and has passed heraldists' taste tests - the only limit is experienced imagination. But of course, you have to have taste and imagination in the first place. Copying Dürer does not constitute taste all the time, you know, nor is the British heraldry alone in the world, no matter how rightfully esteemed it may be.

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