Applications of Heraldry and Other Works on Offer

Well, they are practically endless. Here are just a few, all easily accessible through the medium I work with. The vast majority of my works have been done in a vector graphic format on the computer which makes them easily translatable into various forms, pictures, T-shirt graphics, flags, cup decorations, part of visiting cards and letterheads, basically whatever you desire. I take great care that the produced items are of the best quality, not falling behind hand drawn versions and being much more practical.


Each Coat of Arms can have as many versions (emblazonments) as one wishes as long as the basic description, or the blazon, is followed to the letter. Blazon is older than emblazon is the rule. So, whether you’re thinking of having your distinctive personal insignia or are already a proud Armiger wanting a new version of existing Arms, I could be of service to you. Let me show you what is on offer by presenting the possibilities on my own coat of Arms.


The basic part of Arms is the shield. Here you can see some variations (emblazons) of my shield which all share exactly the same description (emblazon). Notice how much freedom of expression heraldry offers:

Next level is a medium or a middle one, where we also have a crest and usually a motto. Crest comes above a helmet and motto is a short verbal gist of your life views or family history. Of course, it has to be in the same style as the shield. See more about that in Styles.

Next level is the achievement of arms, with a shield, crest, (motto – in many national heraldries motto was uncommon), helmet and a mantle. Mantle was a piece of cloth worn to protect the head under a helmet from the Sun. That mantle is often the soul of the arms as it is the most visible part, something that gives the entire composition that final touch. See how a coat of arms looks without it (which is NOT a finished coat of arms, it has to have at least some mantle) and how it looks with two different mantles. See many more examples in Styles, if you please.


Many people are turned off by heraldry exactly because of the mantles. In the initial correspondence with the (future) Armiger I will always try to find out what is the most suitable style for you, but I also insist on my professional artistic liberty.

Due to the complexity of the subject, this section of the site is under permanent construction. Please be sure to visit this and the Styles section once in a while. Thank you ever so much.

So, there you have the three levels of a basic heraldic achievement, which are all together called a coat of arms. It is wrong to think there are three arms in existence. You may wish to hire my full services, but I am also a member of some prestigious heraldic organizations (see About Me – Heraldic Credentials) and can offer special help in blazoning by the Herald of the Princely Branch of the Royal House of Karageorgevich of Serbia, as well as some particularly nice armorial certifications. 


Possible additional services are also numerous.


You may want to further differentiate your arms and use certain labels or marks of differentiation. You may want to make different crests or parts of it for different members of your family (this largely depends of what country you are form).

One of my favourite expressions is flying heraldry, that is making your heraldic banner, which later is very easy to physically produce as a real life banner, due to the new technologies of digital printing and vector files I usually work with. Here's the heraldic banner of my family, (Grujich):
Next, you may want to have a heraldic badge devised for you. Theoretically, a person can have as much heraldic badges as he or she wants, but you should stay reasonable. It may or may not share some charges form your CoA. This was a trait of the British heraldry (or should I say English and Scottish, as the rules are sometimes substantially different), but in modern times it caught up with some. This is mine:
The blazon of it being:

A pomme, between two fleur-de-lis Or a linden tree eradicated Argent.


This is a very special heraldic language that is more important than the picture. No blazon, no Arms.

All of that can be combined into one exquisite heraldic spectacle, the highest possible picture for a gentleman, the so called Full Heraldic Achievement (see Galleries)
Next on offer are monograms and signums. Please see Galleries for further explanation. Examples are to the right
All of this can further be combined, with decorative bordures, too:
Or you can opt for a decorative bordure with your arms or a part of those, let's say comprising of the elements from your CoA or decorative letters or whatever is your fancy. Desktop pictures for your computer are a perfect example:
Next is a myriad of possibilities to make use of your CoA or the parts of it, you can send me a picture to combine you with your CoA, opt for a very special visiting card, letter header, make a new arrangement for me to send you vector files and make cups with your CoA, your very distinctive ring, your own seal and many other things. Your imagination is the only limit, really.
You can also additionally choose a more "arty" approach to depicting your insignia, specifying what epoch or style you would like it in:
The rest of the possibilities I leave with your imagination, dear reader.

All of the abovementioned stands true for corporate arms, as well. Why not get a head start over your competition by having arms of your company?

Soon to come Other non-Heraldic Works on Offer

Above: two visiting (calling) cards. Surely, the latter is historically more accurate and more elegant, but Moderna often demands stylistic compromises. I thank His Lordship Ladislav von Biron for the advice.
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You could have me make you an ex libris or bookplate, based on your coat of arms or parts of it. Bookplate is a label pasted on the back side of the book cover, denoting ownership. A very popular art form. Two examples to the right:

Linear or line versions and/or black&white ones of your CoA or any other insignia are also possible: